We are running an experiment on turning people out to vote by sending them postcards. Part of the experiment is to test what works better: printed or hand written postcards. That is where you can help us. We will be paying people $1.25 per postcard to handwrite (print not cursive) about 40 words. We will provide a script. Most people can write between 20 and 40 cards per hour.

When: We will be starting in October. This will probably be during the first or second week and will continue until the third week.

Where: There will be opportunities to work at a few different locations and perhaps to work from home.

Who we are: We are a liberal organization that supports equality and fair treatment regardless of race, color, or sexual orientation.

Requirements for employment: 1) You must have good handwriting (which means your printing not cursive). It need not be beautiful, but it must be neat and easy to read. 2) You must be able to work at least a few hours a day, for a few days a week, for a week or two. 3) Must have working phone and an address in the Spokane area.

To apply, please send me (Bryan) an email at All you need to do is include 1) your name, phone number, and email address and 2) quickly describe if and how you meet the above requirements, as appropriate.