Paying People to Handwrite Postcards

We are running an experiment on turning people out to vote by sending them postcards. Part of the experiment is to test what works better: printed or hand written postcards. That is where you can help us. We have $12,000 to pay twenty people to handwrite 10,000 postcards in about seven days. Most people can likely make between $25 and $40 per hour. We will provide a script. There are flexible hours and locations. See the two minute application process and reqirements/qualifications.

When: We will be starting around Saturday, October 22th and continue until about Monday, October 31st.

Where: Some of the work will be required at predetermined locations either downtown or close to downtown in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening. However, there is the possibility to do some of the work from home.

Who we are: We are a liberal organization that supports equality and fair treatment regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, or former incarceration.


I will be paying you per postcard that you write (print, not cursive) following a script that I give you. We will pay $0.90 per card to write 32 words. For most people, this will be $20 to $40 per hour.

The guarantee is that I will send you a check by Friday, November 11th. However, I am trying to set up some type of electronic payment option, such as Venmo or PayPal, that might allow payments before November 11th.

15 Minute Orientation Meeting

You must attend a 15 minute orientation (i.e., about the experiment and our expectations for your work) and work then work on-site for two hours writign your first set of postcards. This is required unless you have 1) already worked for us on a similar project or 2) made other arrangements with me.

The experiment

We will be testing 1) handwritten vs. printed postcards and 2) postcards that mention that President Joe Biden approves of people voting vs. postcards that do not mention this. Workers must write an equal number of the Biden and non-Biden cards. The message does not advocate for any candidate in 2022 and will are mailing to both Democratic and Republican voters.

Requirements/Qualifications for Employment

1) Ideally, people will be able to work at least two or three hours per day for the first few days and then for a similar length of time one or two other days over the remaining period. 2) You must have average or better handwriting (printing, not cursive). It does not need to be beautiful, but it must be easy to read). Also, 3) 18 years or older is preferred, but exceptions are possible and will require some additional paperwork from both the youth and us. 4) Unless you have already worked for me, you will be required to attend a short 15 minute orientation.

To Apply

To apply, you only have to submit a short paragraph that includes

  • your mailing address,
  • your phone number
  • your level of interest in this work,
  • how many hours you would like to work per day,
  • when you are available (time of the day AND what days),
  • your testament that your handwriting (printing) is average or better. Your writing (i.e., printing) does not need to be beautiful, but it must be easy to read.

Please send that short paragraph to me (Bryan) in an email at or use the below form.